Saturday, July 01, 2006

humor - new direction

A new direction for me. This is just the beginning, more later.


Pasta Politics

As Jake was cleaning the backyard he noticed the large quantity of nuts hiding under all the bushes. He thought to himself that this was a rather squirrelly situation! We need to plant some long-term berries. Thus the rise of the Pasta Political Organization!

The American political system had long been plagued by Republican and Democrat policies that sounded good, but really didn’t work. It was time to spice things up. The proof is in the sauce. With that in mind, Jake started to lay out his campaign.

Speech title: Lasagna Unlimited
Campaign slogan: Pasta rules!

The pasta rules:
The Pasta Rules1) If a policy doesn't work, try a bunch of ill thought out ones, something will stick to the wall.2) When a policy is half-baked (cooked) put it out there anyway and see if it works. Who needs PLANNING?!3) Boil lots of water

Campaign promises: A spaghetti tree in every yard and a guarantee of at least bi-annual parsley and sage sprays.

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