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Welcome to my blog.
I am a writer with two ebooks for sale. Soon to be marketed, "Math in a Nutshell", the first of a series.
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Teaser file

The following file is a teaser for the ebook ‘Nightmare after Breakfast and other stories. Each piece is only the beginning of sets of stories that are designed to be silly, yet humorously entertaining. If what you read below sounds interesting, buy the ebook for the rest of the story.

Nightmare after Breakfast

The noise was deafening! What was all the commotion about? I jumped from my warm bed to still the racket. "Do you hear that?” I asked my still sleeping partner. Getting a negative answer I rushed to the kitchen and threw open the door on the refrigerator. The milk fairly jumped into my hand. "Take me, use me". If it had knees it would have been on them, begging. The noise was still there, what was it?

The Spaghetti Farm

Abe hopped outta bed one mornin’ with a great idea. Yep, he finally figured out what ta do with that old piece o’ land what were left after his folks got boxed in by that kangaroo court. His dad told him that he could have it if he could find a use for it. There was a lot o dirt, but not in a useable fashion. It was a lot ten feet wide and a mile long. [yep, you can see what’s coming]

With a large sack of macaroni in his backpack and some elbow macaroni in a bag he was a carryin’, Abe headed fer the field. Since he twern’t sure how deep ta plant the stuff, he only did a small test bed.

The Frustrated Vampire

For a Saturday night, things were dead. There wasn’t a neck to be found anywhere. This town was just not what it used to be. It was time to pack it in for the night. Clyde decided to head down to the Bat’s Wing, the local hangout for vampires. Trying to drown his misfortune over a few bloody Mary’s, he noticed his old friend George sitting in the corner. He ambled over and fell into a chair at the same table. Turned out his old hunting buddy was not faring much better.

“Ya know George, this place just ain’t what it used ta be. I haven’t had a decent bite in weeks.

A Fin for CoffeeIt was a long week. Work was boring, and hard. Joe needed to unwind and the weekend was beginning to show promise. It was too hot to snow, and too dry to rain. "Andy, guess we may as well do something on the out of doors. Don't know how long this little dry spell's gonna last." "Yea, it's only been six months, think we best enjoy this little respite" Having used up their total reserve of logic for the week, they decided to head for the pier and check out the fishing. That was when Joe made his first big mistake; he made a thermos of hot coffee.

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